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14 thoughts on “Replay”

  1. Hello Pamela,

    I am wondering about this program. How does it differ from Money Markting and sales. Right now I do have programs, and priced them, but I am still wondering what this program will help me with. Thank you for your support.

    1. Myrette –
      Great question! The P&P program is quite different from my money, marketing and sales programs. In Productivity and Profit, we study HOW you do your work – are you organized about it? Are you pursuing the right activities for your level of business? What are you procrastinating? How do you handle your to-do list?
      For more clarity, go to and you’ll see a more complete description. Of course – ask away with any other questions!

  2. Hi Pamela,

    I run a not for profit organisation, not a business. Sometimes I find the material is adrift of my needs. Yes I do marketing but there are a number of other issues eg models of service to meet community need, finding funding etc that falls outside the usual needs of small business clients

    So I am not at this stage going to sign up for the course – would love something like this, but not for profit focused. Do you know any resource like that?

    1. Pip – I’m glad you wrote in!

      Even a not-for-profit needs to generate revenue, otherwise you don’t serve your community. So although the money doesn’t go in your pocket, you still need to ask questions like ‘Am I making the most of my time?’ ‘Am I focusing on revenue-generating activities?’ ‘Am I procrastinating something that would further my mission?’
      Those questions are the same for not-for-profit AND for entrepreneurs.
      I truly believe this program would benefit you, from what you’ve described already.

  3. Hi
    I too seem to be having troubles as I am watching late in the evening here in Australia and the streaming seems to be looping for last 30 min or so. I’ll have to reboot (but need to go to bed its nearly 11pm). Hope its still up in the morning so I can watch the end as its been quite helpful.
    Thanks for great information, Pamela.

  4. Hello Denise,

    We’re so sorry for any problems you’re having while watching Pamela’s livestream. It sounds like an internet streaming issue. Try closing all your programs and open the below link in Firefox, a browser designed to play larger formatted files.
    Let us know if this helps!

  5. Hi Pamela,

    I’m having a lot of problems where I keep on and on trying and can never complete a task – to the extent that I’m almost frozen in doing anything anymore.
    An example is this presentation – I’ve finally found the time and ‘courage’ to start it, but I watch a few minutes and it stops to buffer – so I put it on pause and leave it for a while, and I only get a few more minutes before it stops again. After about 90 minutes, the presentation is up to about 37 minutes and it’s not even buffering anymore!! Right now, I’m so frustrated that I feel like picking the computer up and throwing it across the room. OK – so in this case, my internet connection is not good (and knowing this makes it no less frustrating). But this is the story of my life – from chasing a gas man to finish the job he started and I’ve paid him for, to getting the tax people to give me an unambiguous answer on how they have calculated a figure rather than ‘this figure is right – pay it or we take you to court’ when every bill they’ve sent me in the last 4 years has had to be changed because it’s wrong, to searching for information on the internet that I just can’t find! I just can’t progress with anything and the anxiety is feeling like some nasty thick sludge is trying to crawl around my body – it’s getting so bad that tears can’t even flow. I’m at my wits end and don’t know what to do.

    I’d be grateful for any any tips on how to get out of this pit…
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Suzy
      First, I sympathize with your challenges. It sounds like you have some real struggles with what you’re doing. The first, and most important change that you can make is to choose not to be a victim. It’s so easy to descend into helplessness, and feel like you have no control and nothing is working, but my guess is that SOME things are working for you.
      What you focus on will determine whether you laugh or whether you cry, and how powerful you will be when you take action. What can you focus on today that helps you feel more empowered? What one action can you take that moves you even a baby-step closer to your goals?

      You can get yourself out of the downward spiral. It starts with a choice.

  6. Dear Pamela,

    Thank you for your brilliant talk which I listened to just now on the 5 Strategies to end Overwhelm.

    I am not a businesswoman. I am a semi-retired journalist from India, and have been full time sole caregiver to my bipolar husband.

    The sense of Overwhelm has been simply devastating as you can well guess. It hasnt been easy these past 12 years. But that’s life.

    And I have found it best to take life a day at a time.

    I hope to use tapping for ending my overwhelm so that I can recover from being isolated and stop being the recluse I have become.

    I have three big Cs that plague me – Chronic Stress, Chronic Pain and Chronic Weight Gain. Am using tapping to beat this triple Big C stranglehold on my life and peace of mind. Am happy to say I have been feeling better and am supposed to have lost weight too.

    I would be grateful for any tips and pointers you can give me to end my Overwhelm.

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