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This training is for you if you are a transformational entrepreneur who feels:

  • Overwhelmed. You have no control over your schedule. Stuff just keeps coming up, stopping you from doing what you really need to do.
  • Exhausted. Your to-do list is a mile long – and growing – even though you’re always going a mile-a-minute.
  • Frustrated. You procrastinate – putting off important tasks and decisions, which only leaves you more overwhelmed. You’re driving yourself crazy!
  • Hopeless. You’ll never get it all done. (And even if you do, you’ll just have more to do.)

You are SO not alone.

Join me for ‘Ending Overwhelm Now’ Video Livestream Training

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If you’re a transformational entrepreneur, you’ve probably experienced overwhelm. You might even be experiencing it right now.

More than anything, you want to help people. You want to make a positive impact.

(And making a great profit along the way wouldn’t hurt, right?)

So what’s the problem?

Chances are, you run a one-person show. You wear all the hats in your business. And, you still have a personal life. It’s no wonder you feel like there is always so much to do, in so little time!

(There is!)

It’s a vicious cycle. You feel like you have too much going on, so you procrastinate. You put off important tasks in favor of “fun” activities, or every task seems important, so you don’t know what to do to actually get results.

Sound familiar?

I’m Pamela Bruner, and I understand. I’ve been there. I remember those feelings all too well.

PamelaBruner_wWhen I first started my coaching business, I struggled just like you. I hated marketing AND sales. They made me so uncomfortable, I actually stopped doing them altogether. (How’s THAT for procrastinating?)

I only had 2 paying clients, and earned a whopping $375 per month. (Really!)

So how did I go from $375 per month to more than $1 million in just 2.5 years?

Get ready – because I’m going to show you!

I was busy when I only had two clients, and I’m busy now – but I’m making much more. It’s not that I suddenly have a gazillion hours more in a day – I’m just FAR more productive with my time, and not overwhelmed.

I created systems that boosted my productivity, and my profits, at an amazing rate.
And now I’m going to share them with you.

You’re invited to join me for a complimentary training session,
“Ending Overwhelm.”

During this Video Livestream, 2-hour training, you learn:

  • Why you struggle to prioritize – and how to end that struggle. (This is so simple – yet so powerful – you’ll be amazed!)
  • My Top 5 strategies for overcoming overwhelm, including how to minimize decision-making stress
  • How to overcome the 4 causes of procrastination for GOOD (so taking action becomes automatic)
  • And more

Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get my Current Systems Assessment download, to help you identify exactly what’s wrong in your business. (You’ll also have a special opportunity to turn it in for a secret SUPER-BONUS gift, too!)

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2 bonus videos:


Video 1: “What Causes Overwhelm?”

You learn:

  • The root cause of overwhelm
  • The Number One mistaken idea that’s making you feel overwhelmed – and the truth behind it
  • How to start making better choices
  • And more

Plus, you get a free overwhelm checklist to download.


Video 2: “Ending Procrastination”

You learn:

  • The 2 main reasons you procrastinate – and what to do about them
  • An exercise for taking action on a task you’ve been procrastinating on
  • And more

Plus, you get a free “4 Causes of Procrastination” download.

If you’ve ever joined me for one of my trainings, you know I always overdeliver.

So if you experience overwhelm, you’ll definitely want to sign up for this 3-part training, ‘Ending Overwhelm Now’.

arrow-up=rightJust fill in your name and email address, and you’ll get immediate access to the bonus videos as well as the viewing details for the livestream training.

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